PRISMAP — building a European network for medical radionuclides

17.06.2022 14:33:06 |

The PRISMAP work plan consists of 13 work packages, including 3 transnational access activities, 5 networking activities, 4 enabling research activities and a work package dedicated to the project’s management.

The transnational access activities comprise the creation of the web-based entry platform, the coordination of the user selection and access procedures, the production and dispatch of non-conventional radionuclides. They also provide access to translational research for medical applications.

The networking activities are focussed on harmonisation and standardisation of non-conventional radionuclides, fostering industrial and clinical collaboration and making available multidisciplinary training and education. They also promote the dissemination, communication, and sustainability of PRISMAP results, and the involvement of emerging infrastructures.

Enabling research activities, concentrate on transport and shipping of the novel radionuclides within the network, the optimisation of ion sources, targets and enrichment techniques for medical radionuclide production, the data generation for translational research, and the development of radiolanthanides for use in clinical settings.